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Monasim de Romania

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Monasim de Romania

Monasim de Romania kennel is located in the South West area of Romania, close to Bulgarian and Serbian borders - we recently relocated in Hungary, Tiszaroff.
I started breeding Romanian Mioritic Sheep Dog when Ilinca, a little white – grey little devil, started to chow my trousers when visiting DOG’S WORLD kennel and asked to take her with me. Having quite a lot in common with Chow Chow, it was not so difficult to take care and train her.
Soon, we started going with our Mioritics in national and international contests and the idea of having my own FCI registered kennel reached reality after some years.
The kennel developed, a lot of prizes were awarded to my beauties - nationasl anfd international, world and european dog shows, clubs, and the intention is to improve the lines and increase the number of the ones that love these breeds.
We breed for temper, beauty and quality - 2 WDS Winner, 4 EDS Winners, interchampions - top quality, for both breeds - we are open to further details for all that might be interested.

In the end: allow a humble breeder to have the guts to breed these breeds simply for their beauty and not for money!

Monasim de Romania

simona mirescu

Liszt Ferenc 9
5234 Tiszaroff
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